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Cider's Golden Age - Membership Talk

Wednesday 25th October 2017, 7pm

Discover the golden age of Cider - from Medieval Monasteries to the Scientific Revolution with Dr Richard Stone from University of Bristol

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Today we tend to think of historic cider as something of low status – the drink farmhands would be given to refresh themselves after a long day in the fields. This talk, however, uncovers the ‘hidden history’ of cider’s golden age. An era when it was seen as a rival for the finest wines, and fit to grace the tables of the greatest lords of the land!

We begin in the middle ages, when the high cost of making cider meant that it could only be produced by the wealthiest land owners, and in particular the great monasteries such as Glastonbury Abbey.

We then trace cider’s history through to the mid-seventeenth century, and the age of the Scientific Revolution. Here cider was a topic of serious discussion for some of England’s greatest thinkers. Whilst inventing advanced optics, or discovering the circulation of the blood, the early members of the Royal Society considered cider important enough to devote considerable time and energy to discussing how to make it the best drink possible!

The results of their labours force us to reconsider not just cider’s past, but how we think about this most pleasant of drinks today.

Light refreshments including, cave aged cheese, cider and apple juice tasting!