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Guided Archaeology Tour
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Saturday 16th January - Friday 26th February 2021

When: 11am   
Where: Main Abbey

Nestled within the heart of Glastonbury, and beautifully situated within 36 acres of parkland and gardens lies one of the most renowned abbeys of medieval England. Glastonbury Abbey is famous for being one of the earliest centers of monasticism in England, surviving through to the Dissolution in 1539. Archaeology can give us tantalizing glimpses into the past. Archaeological excavations at the Abbey were first conducted in 1904 and continued in 34 different phases throughout the 20th Century. The last large project took place in 2014.

On our archaeological tour we will explore and discuss some of the archaeological highlights of Glastonbury Abbey. During the tour we will explore the ruins of the Abbey and highlight their significance, both above and below ground. You will gain an understanding of the development of the Abbey over time and how the archaeological evidence aids us in interpreting the site.

This specialized archaeology tour will be taken by one of our most experienced Learning Team members and will give you in depth information about the Abbey’s archaeology. If you have ever wondered what lies beneath the Abbey or what kinds evidence we have for past lives at the Abbey, this is the tour for you.

THis activity is a Glastonbury Abbey Fundraising activity.

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